Friday, 11 December 2015

christmas home decorating...

We're both hosting Christmas lunch at ours this year, we've got the whole (not so 2.4) family coming round for a festive feast and we're finishing work the day before...eek! With the menu (mentally) under control, it's about time we started to think about decorating our homes. 
Whilst Philippa goes full throttle for Christmas, with a tree and all the toppings (her theme is mixing silver & gold this year), Sarah has a more "Christmakkuh" approach (the Chanukah and Christmas hybrid!) and although doesn't have a tree is certainly creating a festive space that her guests will be wowed by!

With Christmas firmly on our minds, we've teamed up with John Lewis and put together all the festive things we're lusting after for the big day. Their huge selection of everything from "boutique Christmas" (very us!) to "vintage Christmas decorations" means there's something for every taste. This year we're staying true to our style and going for a minimal metallic theme, we're mixing our metals with pops of black and white and we were so pleased to find so much to choose from online! We're particularly excited by the gold and silver crackers which will be the prefect finishing touch to our beaut table oh and the cute gold reindeer tape! Pics of our table coming soon - we promise!

What's your colour theme this Christmas? Have you got any table decorating tips for us?

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