Wednesday, 24 August 2016


So as you all know we both work full time around the blog and it's a real juggling act - we work evenings and weekends blogging and are crazy busy at our day jobs Monday-Friday. We're definitely not complaining as we feel very lucky & fortunate that we have not one but two jobs that we love! However it does take it toll and we have come to realise the importance of making time to chill as well as taking some small steps to help keep us on the straight & narrow! 
When we're feeling stressed or things feel too much we ask ourselves what makes us feel good...and we've concluded that there are a few things (see below) that we can do daily / weekly / monthly that really help us keep on track and release the feel good factor!

L U X E  P E D I S
Oh Cowshed - our guilty pleasure! When you can't understand why a pedicure is so expensive, head to Cowshed - all will be revealed! From the menu (which includes a gluten free brownie of dreams) to the decor, to the amazing therapists, the minute we sit in that armchair it's like a fluffy cloud surrounds us and we are in utter heaven. We try and treat ourselves every 6-8 weeks especially in the summer and it's always more fun to go with your bestie!

G E T T I N G  O R G A N I S E D 
Sometimes we feel like we're the only ones who don't use their iPhone as a diary but we love to see everything written out week by week - we find it so much easier! One night a week we meet up just to organise our dairies, respond to emails and get our dates and calendars aligned. It feels so good to get on top of things rather than let it build up. As you can imagine the juggling act is even trickier when it comes to our diaries!

N O T  F I L L I N G  F R E E  T I M E 
This is definitely the hardest one of all for us to stick to but definitely one of the most important. Why is it that when we have free time we fill it with useless things that we really don't need to be doing?! With only one day off a week we've taught ourselves the power of NO - just saying no to things that we just can't fit in even if we really want to. 
(Topshop PJs with personalisation from Hand & Lock London)

W O R K I N G  O U T 
An obvious one we know, but it goes alongside healthy eating - we just feel better when we make time to work out. We're not sure if it's the endorphines or our new love for highstreet gym wear but there's nothing better than letting it all out at the gym after a hard days work. We used to think we never had enough time to go to the gym but since getting into a routine and forcing ourselves to get on it we've come to realise that there's always time to add in some excerise to your schedule!

H E A L T H Y  E A T I N G 
As we've got older we've definitely taken much more time over our health and wellbeing and whilst we love a couple of cheat meals on weekends we really try hard to stick to a healthy diet in the week. We always notice a difference in our hair, skin and the way we feel when we eat good food, drink lots of water and cut out the processed rubbish. Philippa shared her green juice recipe with you in our Q&A post and it's definitely one to add to your routine if you can make time in the morning. Sarah's favourite healthy snack is coconut chips - they taste a bit like crisps and really fill that craving when you're in need! Plus they are good for you & contain no nasties!

We hope you enjoyed today's post & would love to know how you take time to switch off & feel good!
S & P x

Monday, 22 August 2016


Today's post is a little special as we are including our beloved other halves - this weekend we whisked them away for the night for the ultimate date night in London. We've got to be honest, it's been a crazy few months work wise so we were so pleased to take some time out and spend some QT over the weekend with our boys.
Even though we live in London there's nothing we love more than staying over in a hotel away from everything (and everyone!) and totally switching off.  One night's stay is just enough to do the trick - it's an escape from normality & it always feels like such a treat. With that in mind, we checked into the Landmark London on Saturday for some R&R and the start of our much anticipated date night with the hubs!
Scroll below to see what we got up to...

T H E  H O T E L 
 As soon as we walked in to The Landmark London we were wowed by the dreamy decor. From the oversized palm trees to the sky high atrium we fell a little bit in love with the luxe London vibe of the hotel. And when we were taken to our rooms we continued to fall in love... keep scrolling down! 

We felt very lucky we were able to stay in two of the suites in the hotel and in particular The Landmark Suite was quite simply out of this world! The bed alone was as big as our bedroom at home. And yes, we may have all got straight into our robes as soon as we checked in! Forget lazy Sundays, lazy Saturdays are even better!

T H E  S P A
Our next port of call was of course the spa - we opted for a gorgeous massage, which we both managed to fall asleep in! The boys hit the gym and went for a swim, we all felt so relaxed and chilled.

T H E  O U T F I T S
After a blissful day at the hotel & spa it was time to beautify and get ourselves ready for our night out. We put our faces and glad rags on and of course we stuck to our signature monochrome style. These new laser cut shirts from French Connection (complete with peekaboo details - the boys favourite part lol!) teamed with our fave culottes was our look for the night and of course finished off with a pair of killer heels. The boys even got dressed up too - twinning black skinnies and a checked shirt and black knit, we think they looked pretty dapper!

Some of our favourite pieces from French Connection's new season drop.

Love these shoes - they are super comfy as well.

Black shirt | White shirt 

Philippas' wearing:
French Connection shirt | Iris & Ink culottes | French Connection bag (in stores now) | French Connection heels

Sarah's wearing:
French Connection shirt | Zara culottes | French Connection bag (ins stores now) | French Connection heels

Craig's (left) wearing:
French Connection shirt | French Connection jeans | Prada shoes (similar here)

Alex's (right) wearing:
French Connection jumper (similar here) | French Connection jeans | Gucci shoes (similar here)

T H E  D I N N E R 
Our date night concluded with a gorgeous meal...we headed to Chicama the hot new sister restaurant to out fave Pachamama and it was time to unwind. We sipped on the most amazing sake cocktails and fine dined on the most epic selection of fish & seafood. We left feeling a lot heavier and a lot merrier!
By the time we arrived at the restaurant it was pretty dark and our photos simply do not reflect the beauty of the restaurant and food so we can't take credit for the following photos - they are from their Instagram

We hope we've given you some inspo to treat the men in your lives - we probably don't say it enough but they are the best and they support us so much, they definitely deserve being spoilt once in a while! 

Who said the girls can't treat the boys from time to time!?
Good job us :-)

**Thank you The Landmark London Hotel for hosting us, Chicama for dining us & French Connection for dressing us and the boys**